Business Reports 2.0

Recruiting Insights

staffITpro 360 ° is the Business Intelligence solution for successful companies. Find out today what your revenues will be within the next 3 weeks.

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Meet goals!

Promote growth!

Our analysis has shown that successful and fast-growing companies use business intelligence to monitor the company's goals. Join them!

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Reports for recruiters

Business success can be planned!


Predicting future sales and business growth is a welcomed feature of staffITpro WEB. We have studied over 15 years of work performance by top performing recruiters. Our analysis concludes that successful, fast-growing companies use business intelligence to monitor their company’s goals.

Don’t wait a minute longer to increase your success rate using our 360° reporting feature.

staffITpro 360 ° provides reports on the following topics:

  • Customer and candidate contacts
  • Sales and profits
  • Offers
  • Contracts and Revenue Forecasts
  • Performance Reports for Recruiters
  • Set and monitor goals for your company
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Set goals and increase sales

Success can be planned!

Top customers

Modern employment agencies generally focus on targeted growth. It is essential to find answers to your recruitment goals at any time. staffITpro WEB comes with pre-defined goals such as revenues, total of offered candidates, placed applicants and customer contacts. In addition, you can further define specific goals particular to your business. With staffITpro WEB you can compare the difference between actual and projected values of your target market. Attainable goals can be set and met for your company, departments or individuals.

Predicting the growth of your company is achievable with staffITpro WEB! Discover potential bottlenecks and weaknesses of your team before they become major problems.

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Better Reports. Better results.

Better results with less efforts

staffITpro WEB reporting will reveal all the main characteristics of your customers, in real time, to help managers make important decisions quickly. Managers will respond to these new requirements, are able to set new priorities and make better decisions. You can concentrate on more important tasks such as acquiring new leads and the support of key customers.

  • Set sales goals and measure success
  • Identify the current 10 top customers
  • Contacts per customer and employee
  • Effectiveness report of your customer relationships
  • Supply and sales reports
  • Measure customer satisfaction
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Business intelligence

Find out today what's going on tomorrow ...

The business intelligence is an integral part of staffITpro WEB. Receive an analysis of the current supply situation for your customers with a push of a button.

Based on past experiences, staffITpro WEB will calculate and forecast the expected placements for the next three weeks.

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Report 2

Make TAPI contacts visible

Analyze and strengthen customer relationships


Strengthen your customer relationships and use the full potential of your sales team!

The automatic telephone dialing feature (TAPI) is the foundation for a comprehensive analysis of your customer relationships. You are able to see how many contact attempts were successful compared to how many were not. You can differentiate between inbound and outbound calls and can optionally filter the dashboard per user.

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Business Intelligence for recruiters



Sales reports, sales forecasts, offerings, profit reports and forecasts, hit list of top customers.



Status of open job requests, forecasts of future financial statements, analysis of fees, candidate contact reports.



Increase your data quality by running extended Skill reports using our Skill Optimizer.



In addition to interactive dashboards, you have many reports that you can export to Excel or simply print.