Customer Management

CRM 2.0 for Recruiters

CRM 2.0 is the central hub for your success. Connect open jobs and recruiting with your sales team. Use every opportunity for new revenues.

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Sales pipelines

The gateway to greater success!

staffITpro WEB is the ideal CRM software for recruiters. Close more deals and grow your business faster!

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The leading solution for recruiters

... from Lead generation to Deal closing

staffITpro WEB CRM opens up an entirely new possibility for attracting new customers. The CRM is the central module connecting open jobs, recruiting, sales and contracts. Our CRM shows all facts at a glance. Learn everything about your customers and discover new opportunities before they even arise.

Our CRM offers everything under one roof:

  • Contacts and follow-ups
  • Deals
  • Document Manager
  • Opportunities and Relationships
  • Detailed storage of customer needs
  • Social networks
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Create stronger customer relationships

... every email, every file is assigned ...

Your sales team can't afford to miss customer contacts and E-Mails! staffITpro WEB stores incoming and outgoing E-Mails into the contact manager of the associated person. Attached files are automatically saved to the document manager for each client. This enables you to build a powerful contact history with all the important information about a customer. Your sales team is able to search this valuable contact list using specific key words.

staffITpro WEB enables you to provide superior customer service and will exceed your customers’ expectations. Create a complete history of all client contacts and build strong relationships.

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Better Reports. Better results.

...Getting more with less efforts

Gathering significant information is the key to making important decisions. staffITpro WEB shows, in real time, all the important characteristics of each of your customers. This is an ideal prerequisite to respond quickly to new challenges and to promptly set the right priorities in order to make better decisions. This allows you to concentrate on important tasks, such as acquiring new leads and obtaining the support of key customers.

  • Set sales goals and measure success
  • Identify your current top 10 customers
  • Categorize contacts per customer and employee
  • Provide reporting of your customer relationships
  • Deliver supply and sales reports
  • Measure customer satisfaction
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Xing and LinkedIn integration

...Connect Social Networks with CRM

Xing and LinkedIn are indispensable lead sources for each sales team. staffITpro WEB connects your customers directly with the relevant profiles in Xing and LinkedIn. Gone are the days of outdated information! The Xing and LinkedIn connector in staffITpro WEB keeps customer relationships always up to date.

The integrated address scanner extracts from each given text firstname, lastname, address, e-mail, phone and website. Adding new customers and updating existing customers is done in seconds!

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Competitive advantages through projection

...exactly store and retrieve customer needs

Be faster than your competition and win more job requests!

staffITpro WEB includes a skill matrix for each customer that preserves the exact needs of each client. The skills are adaptable for any industry and can be tailored precisely to the needs of your customers.

The integrated matching algorithm finds qualified candidates with the appropriate skills within seconds.  This allows you to proactively offer prequalified candidate resumes to your clients! Live Demo

Focus on your customers


staffITpro WEB contains a comprehensive lead management system.  Your sales team can create new contacts from the WEB with a single click of a button or by importing any size .csv files with potential customer information.


Acquire new customers and add valuable opportunities to staffITpro WEB! Plan your sales calls by sorting the list of potential clients by sales expectations.

Merge E-Mails

Quickly inform your customers about important news. Send personalized Merge E-Mails to a large audience. staffITpro WEB stores all E-Mails automatically in the contact manager of the receiver.

Sales Pipeline

staffITpro WEB enables you to easily organize large number of customers and prospects into separate sales pipelines. Public and private pipelines allow sales managers to exchange important information within the sales team.