SaaS: Products and Licenses

1. Definition of Terms

staffITpro WEB Access License (SAL): License that grants a user or device permission to use the features and services of staffITpro WEB server. Access to the staffITpro WEB server allowed solely through the staffITpro WEB client.

User SAL: A license that allows a user to access the staffITpro WEB server.

Device SAL: A license that allows a device to access the staffITpro WEB server.

Core: The process execution unit on a processor.

Per processor: Ein Lizensierungsmodell, das auf der Anzahl der Prozessoren basiert. Das Modell erlaubt einer unbegrenzten Anzahl an Benutzern den Zugriff auf staffITpro WEB.

Prozessor: A processor is a machine or an electronic circuit which according to set commands controls other machines or electrical circuits. The most common processors are the central processing units of computers which execute commands provided by software.

Physical operating system environment:: The execution environment on physical hardware which runs the operating system and programs.

Virtual Machine: A virtual machine (VM) is a virtual Computer. Such a machine is not hardware, but from software. On a physical computer multiple virtual machines can be operated simultaneously.

Virtual operating system environment: An Execution environment within a virtual computing environment on which the operating system and the programs run.

2. Product Description staffITpro WEB

staffITpro Web is a program for staffing in various industries. The software consists of a client and server component. The server component is installed on a Windows server and integrated as a web server in to the Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server). The client is installed on a single PC. It requires the operating systems Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Current system requirements can be found in the document Technical Requirements for staffITpro WEB (SaaS) on the website

The communication between client and server is based on the standard HTTP / HTTPS protocol. The data is encrypted. The staffITpro WEB Client can be downloaded and installed from the website Using SaaS (Software as a Service) the customer only needs the staffITpro WEB Client. All server side services such as staffITpro WEB Server, database, operating system and other necessary components are provided by audeoSoft through the Internet for the duration of the SaaS contract.

All technical requirements are listed in the document Technical Requirements for staffITpro WEB (SaaS). This can be downloaded from the website staffITpro WEB includes the following basic modules:

  • Tasks
  • Applications
  • Candidates
  • Leads
  • Business Contacts
  • Companies
  • Proposal
  • Positions
  • Offers
  • Contracts
  • Archive
  • Documents

In addition other modules may be purchased. These are described in the document Benefits and Modules (SaaS). staffITpro WEB lets you manage job descriptions (Positions), import and manage resumes (Candidates), store and respond to incoming applications and managing customers, suppliers and other business contacts.

The module Leads serves the development of business contacts and supports to complete business contact information outside of the business contacts module,

The Company module offers an overview of business activities with corporations and companies by location, departement, contact persons, positions, proposals, contracts, contacts and reminders as well as documents.

The offer module enables the automated creation of opportunities for placement with position reference as well as for the distribution of products and services and, in addition to staff suggestions without position reference and position suggestions to applicants.

The Offers module enables the user to send CV’s by EMail to a list of customers.

The Contracts module enables the storage of all contracts between the recruiter and his clients and between the recruiter and his candidate. The Contracts can be stored hourly, daily and on a fixed price basis.

The Archive module allows position and contract data to be stored permanently outside of the above modules and to quickly be made available again when needed.

The Documents module allows one to share documents between work groups.

The electronic staffITpro WEB User Guide contains a description of the individual modules and their functions. Prior to purchasing the software the customer has possibility to test staffITpro WEB in detail and compare its features with his requirements.

3. SAL Licnesing

If you want to license staffITpro WEB as a hosting solution you need to purchase a staffITpro WEB Access Licenses (SAL) for each user (user license) or device (device license) in order to access the functions and services of staffITpro WEB. The SAL is a document that allows you to legally access staffITpro WEB. SAL is not software. Each partition and blade is legally considered as a separate server.


4. SAL – staffITpro WEB Access License: Part 1

  • A single user only needs one SAL to exclusive access any available staffITpro WEB Server
  • Programs and services that access a staffITpro WEB server need SALs
  • The use of hardware and software that reduce the number of users directly accessing a staffITpro WEB server does not reduce the number of required SALs
  • If software is used to directly or indirectly access a staffITpro WEB client or the staffITpro WEB Server a SAL is required for each software. Access to the staffITpro database must exclusively be conducted through the API Interface
  • A volume license is licensed to a certain number of users or devices
  • In a 10 – volume license allows 10 users or 10 devices to connect to a staffITpro WEB server
  • A single user license can be used on multiple devices
  • A single device license can be used by multiple users


5. SAL – staffITpro WEB Access License: Part 2

  • With single user license a user can connect exclusively with any number of staffITpro WEB servers. A simultaneous login by the same user is not allowed.

    Example: User 1 can log on to a staffITpro WEB server 1, but not at the same time to the staffITpro WEB server 2 or other staffITpro WEB servers.

  • With device license a device can connect exclusively with any number of staffITpro WEB servers. A simultaneous login of the device is not allowed.

    Example: Device 1 can log on to a staffITpro WEB server 1, but not at the same time to staffITpro WEB server 2 or other staffITpro WEB servers.


6. User licenses

The user license is registered to a fixed user. He can operate staffITpro WEB on different computers by installing the staffITpro WEB client on the appropriate machine. The corresponding user is allowed to log on to the system once. Multiple use of the license by other users is not allowed. One can only be created as many users as licenses have been acquired.

Example: The customer has 15 user licenses. He can only create a total of only 15 username and only 15 users can log on simultaneously. Each user may only be logged on the system only once.

7. Device Licenses

A device license applies to only one specific computer through which multiple users can log on in sequence. The number of users which can work with staffITpro WEB using this machine is not limited.

8. WEB licenses

A web license is reserved exclusively for the use of Internet and browser based staffITpro WEB add on applications. For example these include the smartCV applications and other WEB applications which have been developed on the basis of the API. These applications are typically provided through the Internet, so that the number of users cannot be determined. For this kind of applications audeoSoft will agree a flat license price with the customer.

9. Payment for additional modules

Additional modules such as smartCV, business reports, TAPI and all other are subject to a charge and must be ordered in addition to the staffITpro WEB server. For some additional modules (e.g. smartCV) it may be necessary to order as many SAL’s as for the staffITpro WEB license. For other modules an individual amount of SAL’s can be ordered.

Example: For a 10 user staffITpro WEB license a 10 user smartCV WEB license must be ordered. Whereby for the TAPI module one can order less than 10 licenses. More details are available on request.

10. Managing Users

Administration of the user accounts is possible through the staffITpro WebAdmin program. The Administrator logs in to staffITpro WebAdmin using the ADM user name. ADM user is reserved for the system administration of staffITpro WEB and must not be used for daily recruiting activities. After logging on to staffITpro WEB as ADM, the administrator is only provided with the staffITpro functions that are necessary to change or check the administrative system settings.

staffITpro WebAdmin allows you to create, change, or delete new users. When using user licenses the administrator can only create as many staffITpro WEB users as purchased and specified in license. The user ADM does not count as a user license. When using device licenses, the customer can enter any number of users. These users can log on only through licensed device.

11. Disk space per user

For customers with a SaaS contract (Software as a Service) a base capacity of 6 GB for files and database apply per user license or device license. These are included in the monthly SaaS fee. Should the included total storage space for all users be exceeded, an additional monthly fee is charged for each commenced 1 GB additional total space. The fees for additional storage space are listed in the order form staffITpro WEB SaaS.

Example: A customer has five user licenses as part of his SaaS contract. This includes 30 GB base storage as a total. Should the total amount of memory used for files and database by the users amounted to 40 GB the exceeding 10 GB will be charged in addition to the purchased license free.


Status: March 2018