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1. smartCV-Service

The smartCV WEB service - referred to as "smartCV" - is a WEB based application for use with the staffITpro WEB software. smartCV enables companies to post jobs online and allows candidates to enter and maintain their resume using an online form. The Purchase of smartCV services is optional and subject to a charge. If you order the smartCV services, a module called smartCV will appear in staffITpro WEB. The module provides direct access to the online smartCV resumes. The smartCV service includes a login and registration window. After the login a main menu with the following options will appear:

  • Edit Profile
  • Update profile data
  • Update available
  • Download the full-text profile
  • Change user ID and password
  • Log out
  • View all open positions of staffITpro WEB database are displayed that are marked with the Internet job market.

The smartCV service is a standard software. Individual adjustments are not intended and are not offered.

(1) The following settings are configured free of charge upon initial installation of smartCV service through audeoSoft

a) link to the homepage

b) Link to Terms of Use

c) Activation and Deactivation of MUST HAVE and/or NICE TO HAVE skills in the job market description. Subsequent changes and enhancements to its user interface or business logic are chargeable features. The smartCV service can only be purchased in combination with the software staffITpro WEB.

(2) The following languages for the resume creation via smartCV are supported: German and English.

(3) smartCV allows applicants to submit and upload their electronic CV using the Microsoft Word (.DOCX), HTML (.HTML), PDF (.PDF) or Text (.Txt) format. smartCV will attempt to determine information such as first name, last name, address, telephone, fax, e-mail address and the URL of the homepage automatically. An error-free operation of the automatic name and address recognition cannot be guaranteed. The candidate may manually change or add his data at any time. The name and address recognition supports following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA and Canada.

(4) During the electronic import of resumes the text is imported into the database as unformatted text. Due to the countless different document, formats and structures an error-free import cannot be guaranteed.

(5) Candidate resumes can be added/edited via online form. Each applicant using this function can request a unique ID and password for logging into smartCV which is sent by email to the applicant. ID and password can then be changed by the candidates themselves. Modified resumes are marked red in the module smartCV in the staffITpro WEB program. In staffITpro WEB the user can copy smartCV resumes into the candidates database. If the the candidate record matches the smartCV record, it will be marked with a green icon. Additionally the applicant has the possibility to directly apply for jobs that are posted in smartCV. Applications received via smartCV application button, are stored in the candidates module of staffITpro WEB. These resumes can be edited directly from within staffITpro WEB.

(6) The installation of smartCV on the appropriate hosting server is done by audeoSoft.

(7) The number of smartCV licenses always corresponds to the number of purchased staffITpro WEB licenses. In case of a later purchase of staffITpro WEB-licenses, the customer agrees to purchase the same number of smartCV licenses to current rates.


Purchase of smartCV licenses:

Price (net). (Please note prices are only an example)

Total number of 5 licenses

2,500 for 5 licenses

After the 5th license

500 per additional license

Example 1: You have 8 staffITpro WEB licenses and no smartCV licenses. You decided to order smartCV. You are using 8 staffITpro WEB licenses: The following purchase price will apply: 2,500 (for licenses 5) + 500 * 3 licenses = 4,000 .

Example 2: You are using 8 staffITpro WEB licenses and 8 smartCV licenses. You order 5 more staffITpro WEB licenses and the same number smartCV licenses. Following purchase price then applies to the smartCV licenses: 500 * 5 licenses = 2,500 EUR.

All prices are without VAT.

2. TAPI: Telephone Integration

The module telephone integration, hereafter referred to as staffITpro WEB TAPI, allows the connection between staffITpro WEB and the customer’s telephone. The TAPI-interface is a standard product. Individual adjustments are not intended and are not offered. The phone of the customer is connected via USB, Bluetooth or serial interface with the PC. As a software interface between staffITpro WEB and the phone staffITpro WEB uses the TAPI interface. The Telephone Application Programming Interface (TAPI) is a unified programming interface for telephone applications. The interface was introduced by Microsoft and Intel in 1993.

The staffITpro WEB TAPI interface includes the following functions within the staffITpro WEB client:

  • Displaying the existing candidate or business contact (including the contact history) for each call. Displaying a window when creating a new contact entry
  • Call function for valid telephone number in the modules candidate and business contacts when a candidate or business contact is set.

The following technical requirements have to be met when using TAPI:

  • Phone with a functioning TAPI interface via USB, serial or Bluetooth connection
  • Fully installed TAPI device driver with the Standard TAPI 2.1 on Windows for the to be used phone
  • All technical requirements listed for the staffITpro WEB client

The telephone must support TAPI 2.1 interface and send the caller ID to the PC. The customer is solely responsible for installing the TAPI drivers and other software to operate the TAPI interface itself. The customer must, upon request by audeoSoft, proof that the telephone supports the basic TAPI 2.1 outside of staffITpro WEB. This for example can be done though separate software provided by the phone manufacturer or a third party. audeoSoft offers no maintenance and support for the TAPI 2.1 on the customer’s PC. Furthermore audeoSoft offers no maintenance and support for the customer’s telephone or the telephone system. staffITpro Web does not support the use of a server-based TAPI. The server-based TAPI sends calls from PBX (Private branch exchange) directly to the client’s server which then connects them to appropriate telephone..

3. staffITpro WEB API

The staffITpro Web API (Application Programming Interface) is a software interface to access to the staffITpro WEB database through additional external programs. The staffITpro WEB API may only be purchased by staffITpro WEB customers. The installation of the API is conducted through provided an installation program on the customer’s server. The staffITpro WEB API is a standard product. Individual adjustments are not intended and are not offered. In addition to the Server API a client API is provided. The communication between server API and client API is based on the Microsoft. NET technology. The customer will receive a help file that describes all the access routines of the API. For the use and programming of the API a software developer with appropriate experience and appropriate knowledge is necessary. Additional programs that were created based on the API are hereinafter referred to as App. The API is software is based on Microsoft. NET and is provided as an additional module. To use the API, the following rules apply:

  • The use of the API is subject of a charge. The customer must purchase the corresponding number of SAL’s. Example: When a customer creates an app that accesses staffITpro WEB via API he has to buy a license per user / device that uses this app.
  • The customer receives for each created app, that accesses staffITpro via API, a unique “App ID” from audeoSoft. The client has to send the application name and a brief description of the app. The app ID is assigned by audeoSoft and is globally unique. The client needs this App ID for logging on to the staffITpro WEB API. This ensures greater security when accessing the staffITpro database. It is designed to prevent unauthorized access by applications to the staffITpro database of the customer.
  • The customer will only develop applications that extend the functionality of either staffITpro WEB or to connect existing programs.
  • The development of apps that are available to staffITpro in direct competition or copy or imitate the functions of staffITpro are prohibited.
  • audeoSoft assumes no liability for customer-created app’s. audeoSoft is only responsible for the proper function of the API.
  • The use of hardware and software that reduce the number of users directly accessing a staffITpro WEB server (Multiplexer) does not reduce the number of required SALs. Example: a web application created by the customer via the API connects to the staffITpro web database. The web application is used by an unlimited number of users. However the web application uses only one user access to the API. In this case the customer must purchase an API web license from audeoSoft. Alternatively the customer can purchase a certain number of SALs, if the number of users who use this app is known.

4. smartMail

The module smartMail, hereby called staffITpro WEB smartMail, is a service that imports E-Mails into staffITpro WEB. This Service runs on your Server and monitors the mailboxes of selected users. All incoming and outgoing E-Mails are saved in the contact manager of the corresponding Client/Candidate that has the matching E-Mail recipient address. staffITpro WEB smartMail compares all incoming E-Mails of a specific E-Mail account and it searches for each E-Mail in the Client and Candidate database. Only if both E-Mail addresses match, the E-Mail will be stored in the document manager of the corresponding person. staffITpro WEB smartMail can only be installed on one Windows-Server and is compatible with Microsoft Exchange 2007. The Technical Requirements of the staffITpro WEB Server Technical Requirements for staffITpro WEB (OnSite) applies. staffITpro WEB smartMail is a standard application. Individual changes are not possible and offered

5. Compliance Manager

The staffITpro WEB Compliance Manager is an optional add-on product that can be ordered separately by the customer. There will be additional monthly fees (SaaS) or an additional purchase amount (purchase) for the customer for the use of the Compliance Manager. The Compliance Manager enables customers to send online questionnaires with predefined questions to clients and candidates. The questionnaires can be answered via WEB browser from clients and candidates. The answers are stored directly in the customer's database. Each question has positive and negative points and the sum of all questions answered in a questionnaire results in the total questionnaire score. The Compliance Manager adds the questionnaire scores of the candidate and the client questionnaire to a total score. In the system settings of staffITpro WEB one can assign traffic light colors RED, YELLOW and GREEN according to the points. In this way specific answer combinations result in the questionnaires to a specific color, which can be evaluated by the customer individually. Additionally, the Compliance Manager may request a confirmation by a manager.

A use case of the Compliance Manager is the early detection of false self-employment. With the deployment of freelancers in projects of clients, the authorities may imply false self-employment for individual cases. This may lead to payments of social security and to a personal liability of the general manager. The customer tries to avoid these payments. The Compliance Manager comes with predefined questions to detect false self-employment. These questions and their rating can be customized by the customer or completely replaced. The evaluation of a questionnaire may result in the traffic light colors Red (false self-employment very likely), Yellow (possible false self-employment) and Green (false self-employment unlikely). The questionnaires and the scoring that are shipped with the Compliance Manager to the customer, are only one example to detect false self-employment. The questions and scores contained herein are not a guarantee to the discovery of false self-employment. The Compliance Manager is NOT a product for guaranteed detection of false self-employment. The customer is responsible for the content of the questionnaires, as well as for the evaluation and interpretation of traffic light colors. The customer is committed to privacy and is to publish privacy policies on the questionnaire website. audeoSoft provides the possibility to upload of a corresponding PDF file.

If the customer acquires the staffITpro WEB Compliance Manager (SaaS or OnSite), this tool is used solely to facilitate the observation of a possible false self-employment. It is not capable of guaranteeing these findings in this regard. audeoSoft is not liable for the effects of information provided by the customer or it’s user, independent if they are right or wrong. The customer is solely responsible for the evaluation and rating of the questionnaires.


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